Get quick answers to the most common questions here in our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.  If you still have questions just contact us through our contact page.

What is an NPN?

NPNs or NPLs stand for non-performing notes, or non-performing loans. These are loans which are in some form of delinquency, or at least haven’t performed as promised. We specialize in NPNs backed by brick and mortar real estate and land.

Why do you specialize in non-performing notes?

The non-performing note sector is ripe for investment, and can offer less competition, and better value than other strategies. There are many benefits in note investing, and many sophisticated investors consider this form of debt investing far safer than equity investing.

Are 2nd mortgage liens safe to invest in?

There are many types of mortgage loan notes to invest in. Risk is offset with yield. So first position notes normally offer lower yields and less risk, while third position mortgage lien notes offer higher yield and value potential for those with more tolerance for risk. As the market has improved, equity has bounced back and the economy is stronger second mortgage notes have become far more attractive and profitable.

Is buying notes a good way to acquire discounted real estate?

While many sophisticated investors choose note investing for passive income or flip mortgage notes, buying notes can also be a path of entry to acquiring real property at sizable discounts.

What types of yields can I expect to get with your notes?

Interest rates on mortgage notes vary by the individual notes, or pools of notes purchased. This can range from 5% to over 12%, not counting the capital gains from discounts. We’ll help you find the right match for your goals.

Are these notes discounted enough for flipping?

We offer access to all types of note investing opportunities for those seeking passive income, a path to acquiring underlying real assets, and for flipping notes for lump sum profits.

Can I invest in mortgage notes with my IRA?

Absolutely. Investing in non-performing notes through your self-directed IRA can be a fantastic way to invest for maximum gains while minimizing and eliminating tax liability.

What type of real estate are your loan notes backed by?

We offer a full spread of non-performing mortgage notes backed by all types of real estate including single family homes, multifamily properties, retail shopping, office buildings, hotels, vacant land, and mixed use.